CELEBRATE your child’s birthday with THE ASL

Birthday ASL

The ASL offers to animate your child’s birthday in order for his/her birthday to be a magical and playful moment while referring to topics in relation to the Lake of Geneva and its protection.

Discover the lake geneva’s wealths

The Lake of Geneva is a jewel that we must protect. It is also Europe’s biggest drinking water system, thus it is very useful to us everyday. The children will discover how we use water in our everyday life and how they can act in order to preserve it. We will go to the neighbourhood of the Eaux-Vives with cameras to “hunt” the usage of water. On the way back to the ASL a few workshops will be proposed to appreciate other facets of the Lake of Geneva and discover the hidden treasure of Captain Lemo.


Games and laughs guaranteed!

Duration :               3 hours, snack included. From 2 to 5 pm.
When :                   on Wednesday afternoons or on Saturdays.
Where :                  ASL’s facilities or to be determined.
Transport :             to be organised by the parents.

Attention : 12 kids maximum, from 8 years old.

  • Two animators
  • 3 animations
  • Hidden treasure
  • Invitation to give to the guests
  • Cake and drinks
  • One animator – one parent must be present
  • 3 animations
  • Hidden treasure
  • Invitations to give to the guests
  • (Cake and drinks brought by the parents)


Minimum 10 days before the birthday. Bank transfer on:

  • IBAN: CH60 0900 0000 1201 5316 0
  • CCP: 12-15316-0

With the mention “birthday + name of the child”.


A cancellation within 5 working days is charged 50% of the amount. Within 2 working days: 100% of the amount.



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