The water charter of the Lemanic Region

1. Water is a common good of humanity.

2. Each human being has a universal, inalienable and imprescriptible right of access to water, the quality and quantity of which at least satisfies his or her basic needs.

3. Water resources in the Lemanic region must be managed in keeping with the objectives of sustainable development.

4. Regional cross-border cooperation is to guarantee integrated management of water resources in the Lemanic region.

5. The water of the Lemanic region must be protected from pollution so as to satisfy public health requirements and to maintain a good ecological state of the aquatic ecosystems.

6. The natural cycle of water in the Lemanic region must be respected.

7. Socioeconomic activities related to water that are governed by sustainable management practises must be promoted and generalized in the Lemanic region.

8. Integrated management of water resources is dependent on every citizen being fully informed of water-related issues and on his or her being an active and responsible partner.

9. Integrated management of water resources requires a greater effort of vocational and academic training as well as continuing education.

10. Integrated management of water resources requires more scientific and technical research and an effort towards an interdisciplinary and integrated approach in regard with issues related to water.

11. Sufficient funding must be raised for the implementation of action plans relative to sustainable management of water in the Lemanic region.

12. Water-related elements of the cultural and historic heritage of the Lemanic region must be protected or restored.

13. Solidarity with disadvantaged countries and groups of populations situated in regions with strong hydrological constraints must be developed.

Water Charter of the Lemanic region ( PDF 57Ko)