“AD’EAU” offers a range of entertaining as well as didactic activities to experience gratifying adventures.

The activities are destined primarily to children and youngsters from 7 to 17 years old and their families. Supervised by competent and enthusiastic people, the “ad’eau” activities also have the aim to raise the awareness of the young generation on the protection of the environment and on the sustainable management of water and aquatic ecosystems.

If requested, these activities can also be ordered “keys in hand” in the form of friendly excursions for companies, societies, clubs, groups of friends, for special occasions, birthdays, seminars, etc.

The “ad’eau” activities offer a good opportunity to :

  • Discover and understand the richness of the freshwater ecosystems and their ecological functioning
  • Do some activities on the lake safely and in a friendly atmosphere
  • Acquire knowledge about the lake in order to protect it in a better way


Take a look at the video presenting the « AD’EAU » programme:

Sneak peek of the activities

  • Initiation to sailing : Discover the basics of sailing on Optimist (8-11 ears old) or on Topaz 14 (from 12 years old) and maybe will you become a strengthened sailor
  • Discovery dive : an initiation to scuba diving with professional instructors. After a theoretical explanation you will gear up and jump in the water. You will then start your journey underwater.
  • Initiation to rescuing on the lake : Supervised by specialists from the International Rescue Society on the Leman (Société Internationale de Sauvetage sur le Léman, SISL) and the Swiss Rescue Society (Société Suisse de Sauvetage, SSS) you will spend time on a boat and in the water to acquire good reflexes rescue people in danger. You will also measure some physical characteristics of the lake’s water directly linked to rescue actions (temperature, transparency, etc.).
  • Initiation to stand-up paddle : You like spending time on the lake but also evolve in a symbiotic way with nature? Stand-up paddle is the answer and with a little training you will be the king of the lake!
  • Initiation to fishing on the lake : aboard a boat you will embark with a member of the “l’Amicale des Pêcheurs du Lac” (APL) who will teach you the best tips of fishing. You will learn the different fish species and maybe will you bring some home for your family to taste?
  • Initiation to canoe kayak : You like spending time on the lake but also evolve in a symbiotic way with nature?  Canoe kayak is accessible to everybody, whichever the level. After a short demonstration we will explore the lakeside!
  • The Invisible World of the Léman with Captain Lémo : in the lake’s water swims a broad range of organisms that we do not see with our eyes, like plankton, tiny shrimps and the famous flea of the duck. You will take a sample of the water from the lake and you will observe the organisms it contains with a microscope. Then, if you wish, you will draw what you see and you will learn the role they play in the lake, for example their importance to fish.
  • The water in all of its states : this programme is addressed to schools but it can also be proposed for events or camps on the topic “water”. This activity allows, through 10 workshops, to discover, understand and assess the water cycle.
  • The Versoix, an ecosystem living over time : exploration of the Versoix to discover the richness of this river and the witnesses of its former usage to produce renewable power. A commented walk for the enthusiastic ones that will inform you about history, technology and ecology of the region full of surprises.
  • The harbour of Geneva : an invitation to a surprising walk in the amazing harbour along which a guide will make you discover from the sustainable development point of view its history, its inhabitants (birds, fish), its most beautiful sites and curiosities in relation to water and its multiple usage.
  • The shores of the lake, natural environment under pressure : aboard a boat you will explore the shores of the lake to discover many activities and usage of the lake and you will assess their impacts on the ecological quality of the shores. What sustainable solutions could there be in order to restore the shores for the sake of biodiversity?

Basic prices

The lake’s sundays

Price for the sport CHF 25.- ;

Educational activity free.

Camp and « passeports vacances »

Aspiring biologist? Fan of ecology? Or just desiring to know everything about your lake and its rivers? The ASL organises a residential camp from Monday 3rd July to Friday 7 August in Versoix in the house La Grève !

In parallel different Passeports-vacances are organised around the Léman.

Information: here (in french)

Schools, associations, community centres, activity centres, sports clubs

Package “keys in hand”, for the half-day or the whole day from 250.- with an accompanying person.

Possibly free under certain conditions, with the support of the foundation Gandur for the youth.

For the modalities of the obtention of the free animations, please address to
 Or by phone +41 22 736 86 20

Companies and groups (from 10 people)

Package “keys in hand”, for the half-day or the whole day from CHF 400.- with 2 accompanying persons. Additional services (transport, meals) on quote.

Some events where ASL is involved

Festival of sustainable development in Geneva, the Nature’s Party, Days of the WATER SIG, the Festival of the salamander, Net’Léman, Passeports vacances Rolle, Morges, Lausanne, Vevey, Summer camp in Versoix (GE), TimeUp4 Tomorrow (HSBC), Day of voluntary service Firmenich.

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