New, CHF 5.– each

Ecobox ASL – For small wastes, chewing-gums, cigarette butts

 4 ecobox

Ecobox is an easy and effective solution to keep our cigarette butts, chewing-gums and other wastes that still end way too often in the water, where they cause pollution. A cigarette butt can last 10 years before degradating completly and pollutes nearly 500 liters of water.


Various designs

Conceived by the graphic designer and illustrator Silvia Francia, the Ecobox ASL is proposed in four different designs which refer to the different lacustrian activities:  « Au bord de l’eau »  (At the Lake’s shore), « A la plage » (At the beach) , « En bateau » (In a boat) and « Le Léman-source de vie » (Lake Geneva, source of life). An Ecobox for each occasion!

A 100% ecological swiss product

The bottom and the top are made of swiss-made recycled tinplate. The assembly and the packaging are done in a protected workshop (atelier protéger).


When buying an Ecobox ASL, you support concrete action for the Lake Geneva protection

Ecoboxes are sold:

On our website or by phone (022 736 86 20) (shipping costs in addition)

In the ASL offices, 2 rue des Cordiers, 1207 Genève, Monday-Friday from 9h00 to 12h00

Shop La Seiche, 19 rue du XXI-Décembre, 1207 Genève



Au bord de l’eau A la plage En bateau Le Léman – source de vie
ecobox2 ecobox3 ecobox4 ecobox1

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