Around the Leman lake Youth

Around the Leman lake


Today water is the major stake of the XXIst century. Used for many activities (agriculture, drink, companies, energy, hygiene, …), sensitive to pollution, can cause natural catastrophes, the water resources must be managed rigorously. When cross-border it becomes a geopolitical issue. It is however present in each of us’ every day life. Let’s imagine for an instant that it would be disappearing…


The blue planet.. this is the dreamy name we gave the Earth after we could observe it from outer space. Indeed 70% of the surface of the Earth is covered with water. But water available for consumption only represents 0.1% of the total quantity of water on earth. This quantity must meet the needs of all the humanity. Therefore it is important to manage at best this resource. Nevertheless we must be aware of this complex issue, especially in Switzerland where we have the impression that water is resource of good quality and an abundant one! To allow an access to good quality water for everyone it is necessary to use it in a reasonable and rational manner. The education is in our opinion a preferred vector to achieve this, whether it is with students, young ones, but also – and more widely – with every one of us.


This non-profit project aims to meet the inhabitants of the Lemanic basin of Switzerland and France but especially the young ones. We use the vector of sailing. It allows, through its values of responsibility, respect for the hierarchy, tolerance but also for the trust in our team-mates, to make us aware and to be in a convenient environment to inform oneself and raise the awareness of the youngest on an essential environmental problem and of current events: WATER.

To know more about the details of the project, click here (french).


Mike Horn, explorer

Mike Horn is well known for being one of the biggest explorer and adventurer of the extreme of the modern era.

« If a man is motivated by an idea, the impossible no longer exists » Mike Horn

It started after Mike’s arrival in Switzerland, when he found a job as an instructor in a small company of extreme outdoor activities. In this environment he quickly became braver … and Mike decided to descend the glacier of the Mont-Blanc all the way down to the French coast with a hydrospeed (a sort of float propelled by a man). It is the first – and out of the ordinary – time someone did that.

From this day Mike has found his passion and his life will be forever different. To know more.


Organise a cruise on the Leman Lake to initiate the young explorers formed by Mike Horn to sailing on the Leman while raising their awareness on the importance of the preservation of the water resources to schools and to the public in general. To do so workshops and concrete actions will be put in place in the city-steps.

  • Live an innovative experience
  • Share our knowledge to schools
  • Concrete actions (cleaning of the shores) in the field for everybody
  • Meet the population
  • Demonstrate the utility of preserving the water
  • Workshops on the discovery of the Leman for the young ones and the youngest ones
  • Discover the Leman Lake through sailing
  • A guidance of quality
  • Information stands and activities in the port-steps for the passers-by and the school classes
  • A blog to follow the adventure from the internet during the journey
  • Visits and workshops animated by the participants for schools

At the end of this event we will make a rigorous evaluation, which will allow us to target at best our future actions.


12-day cruise around the lake

10 school classes involved

9 young explorers

5 port-steps

5 ships

1 camper van


Cruise from 8 to 19 September 2014 departing from Geneva in the direction of Founex, then Lausanne, Sciez, then Versoix and at last return in Geneva.


Adults participants wanting to go on a cruise, while presenting the Leman Lake to students. Traveller, curious, a born animator and someone who loves the water, these are the must have qualities. You must know how to swim as well…

Skippers over 18 years old with the Swiss permit. They will have the responsibility of the crew, which counts three over 18-year-olds with no, low or a lot of experience in sailing.


Adrien Bonny
Strategy and coordination leader

+41 (0) 22 736 86 20
+41 (0) 76 536 31 52

Find us on :


Loterie Romande



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